Improve your credit score by paying twice a month!

Let’s start by defining what utilization rate is and the importance to your credit score. This is a ratio of your current debt to your credit card limit. 

A lower utilization is ideal (below 30%) as it shows that you are using a small amount of debt. So the lower the ratio, the better.

  1. Track your expenses: The idea here is to track the available balance and to avoid maxing out your credit card 
  2. Request a higher limit: this helps your utilization rate since your having higher limits 
  3. Pay twice a month: it helps by lowering your balance
  4. Pay more than the minimum required: A faster way to tackle debt as more money is going to the principal

Paying your credit cards twice a month is a low-maintenance and effective way to lower your utilization rate. Remember that this accounts for 30% of your credit score!



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